alternative treatments for breast cancer

Traditional breast cancer treatments aren’t always as successful as expected and the patient can sometimes still be faced with seeking out an effective way of killing the cancer. After radiation and chemotherapy treatments have failed, it can sometimes feel as though there’s nowhere else to turn, but this isn’t true. Many patients with difficult, persistent cancer look to alternative methods and find success in getting their condition under control.

Newport Mesa Wellness is a facility that offers patients such an alternative cancer treatment and our approach differs from anything you may have experienced previously. From the very beginning, our specialists look for the conditions that caused the cancer to develop. A period of testing will look at genetic factors and other contributing causes that may have played a role in the cancer growth. This will help your new caregivers develop a course of treatment tailored to your unique circumstances. While each treatment is unique for each patient, they’re all comprised of the same effective breast cancer therapies. These are:

Additionally, you’ll be equipped with recommendations for lifestyle changes. Certain foods may strengthen your immune system and help your body fight off cancer, while other foods may have played a part in promoting the growth of your cancer. Learning how nutrition plays a role in cancer causes and treatment, you’ll be better able to eliminate your cancer and keep it from coming back.

Finally, the support you receive from the Newport Mesa Wellness staff ensures you never feel like just another patient. Each one of your concerns will be addressed and you’ll fully understand every aspect of your treatment. This dedication is one of the things many patients appreciate about alternative cancer treatment, since it gives them a reliable support system. The ability to take your care in your own hands, while knowing professionals are always standing by to help you, makes a significant difference in your healing process. We know that successful cancer recovery depends on a positive attitude and that’s exactly what this type of treatment program helps to promote.

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