alternative treatments for thyroid cancer

If you or a loved one is suffering from thyroid cancer, you know the difficulties of receiving routine medical treatment. Typical treatment might involve chemotherapy, radiation, drugs and surgeries. While these methods work for some patients, many are beginning to realize that there is a real need for alternative remedies. At Newport Mesa Wellness, you will receive the proper support to allow your body’s immune system to fight the cancer.

Why Alternative Methods?

Using alternative treatment for thyroid cancers can be more effective than other methods if you have already tried typical remedies given to you by your doctor and healthcare team. When other methods have failed, alternative options have given patients hope in finally recovering from their disease. At Newport Mesa Wellness, we pride ourselves in working with many different alternative treatments that are proven to work for those experiencing a wide range of conditions and chronic ailments.

Treatments That Can Work

  • TrueRife technologies Using an F-117 frequency generator with a hammer tesla bulb and proprietary programming targeting cancer cells with an oscillating death frequency targeted for the cancer cells while you sleep every night.
  • PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) This high intensity therapy creates a systemic cellular charge that increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and oxygenates the cells, these are two things that cancer hates and can not thrive in these conditions.
  • Hyperbaric chamber treatments compress oxygen molecules allowing more oxygen to reach the brain and other areas of the body.
  • Class 4 Low Level Laser can reduce pain caused by cancer and also target tumors increasing oxygenation and ATP synthesis.
  • Infrared Sauna allows the body to detox quickly, also raising core body temperature creating a hyperthermia type condition.
  • EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy) a 15 minute exercise platform allowing 900 liters of 93% of pure oxygen to be inhaled during exercise.
  • Customized Nutritional plans using Nutrigenomic, Ketogenic and detox support programs to help support the body’s immune system.

Working with Healthcare Professionals

In order for you to begin your alternative thyroid cancer treatment, you will want to schedule a consultation at Newport Mesa Wellness center and speak with one of staff or our trained, licensed and qualified doctor. After going over your health history and determining the right course of action, you will be presented with an alternative treatment option that can finally take you from a place of suffering to a place of remission. Consultations take about an hour, and this is where you will want to ask the doctor about anything relating to your treatment before it begins. Newport Mesa Wellness takes a kind, caring and compassionate approach because we know that you have been let down in the past by popular and conventional treatments that did not work for you.

Living cancer-free is the ultimate dream for anyone who is suffering from cancer. Thyroid cancer, in particular, can take your entire world apart and cause your life to be a struggle from the minute you are diagnosed until the time you find a treatment program that works for you. Newport Mesa Wellness center also helps those who have Lyme disease and are either dealing daily with the typical symptoms of the disease or have the disease and are not even aware that they are in need of high-quality treatment.

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